The real tale of rags to riches takes us to London from Bristol as Dick Whittington goes in search for his fortune. This jam-packed show begins with Fairy Bowbells as she introduces you to London, where the streets are believed to be paved with gold.


As you settle in for the journey, you'll meet Alice Fitzwarren and her father Alderman Fitzwarren, who runs an upmarket delicatessen (BAKERY for us common folk) in the village when a mysterious figure appears from Bristol along with their pet companion.

Dick Whittington arrives, exhausted and searching for a place to stay along with his pet cat Tommy, to find himself falling madly in love with Alice. However, that dastardly King Rat has something in store for the Bristol boy making everyone turn against Dick ahead of their voyage to distant shores.

How could we forgot the comedy stylings of Idle Jack and his mother Sarah The Cook, who both work for the Alderman and provide the comic relief every pantomime so craves. 

Will the group board the boat and try to rid London of the rats? Or will the dastardly King Rat rule over London forever as City Mayor? 

This 70 minute adventure will have you laughing-out-loud at the hilarious routines and upbeat dance routines delivered by the cast. The script has been uniquely written for us to use and features hilarious sketches and moments that will make your heart melt.

© 2020. Created for Bristolian Productions LTD. 

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