From an all new British writing team, Murder Mystery at Sea is a fast paced new musical set in the
modern day, with all the characteristics of a traditional ‘Murder Mystery’ play. The script and the music have been written specifically for Bristolian Productions LTD meaning that this is the first chance you have got to see this wonderful musical.


How does a pompous author deceive his nearest and dearest to get what he truly wants? From the pompous author to the over
- bearing wife, the characters in this musical will have you at the edge of your seat! Be transported by our projections as they tell you the story of how an ordinary couple find themselves in some rather peculiar situations. There will be love, loss and blood shed, but most importantly who has committed the crime?

We promise that you will definitely be enthralled and engaged throughout the show with clever lyrics and an intertwined storyline. If you see a touring musical in 2020, make sure it is Murder Mystery at Sea


WHODUNNIT? Will be the question you are all asking, but are you detective enough to uncover the truth? 

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